Alliance for Better Health is governed by a five member Board of Members. The Alliance Members are: Ellis Medicine; Samaritan Hospital, which represents St. Peter’s Health Partners; St. Mary’s Healthcare Amsterdam; Hometown Health Centers; and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Center.

Additional governance is provided by a Board of Managers, comprised of two Managers from each of the five Alliance Members, two Managers from Capital Care Physicians, one Manager from each of two identified community practitioners, and one Manager representing the Project Advisory Committee (PAC). This organizational chart provides a visual of the Alliance governance structure.

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Board of Managers

Name Position
Joe Gambino Chair
Paul Milton Vice Chair
Louis Snitkoff, MD, FACP Secretary
Vic Giulianelli Immediate Past Chair
Kathy Alonge-Coons, LCSWR Alternate
Marietta Angelotti, MD
Paul Barbarotto, DO
Bethany Gilboard (Ex-officio non-voting)
Dean Limeri, MD
William Mayer, MD
James Reed, MD
Rusty Senecal
Dave Shippee
David Skory, MD

Senior Management

Name Position
Jacob Reider, MD  Chief Executive Officer
Amy Bloom, MPH Vice President, Program Management
Julie Clegg Chief Operating Officer
Yogendra Jain Chief Technology Officer