Incentive Program

About the Alliance for Better Health Incentive Program

The success of Alliance and our partners in DSRIP relies on our collective efforts to reach defined performance measurement targets. We have the opportunity to earn significant funds tied directly to the successful achievement of these targets. Accordingly, the Alliance for Better Health Incentive Program aligns funds earned with outcomes achieved by partners.

Through analysis of the population attributed to a partner and the size of that partner’s opportunity to significantly improve performance, Alliance is able to keenly focus on which providers are likely to have the greatest impact on a particular performance measure. Those providers and organizations will be contacted shortly by Alliance to review how they are best able to contribute to our collective success.

Innovation Funding

Performance is calculated annually by the Department of Health through analysis of claims and other indicators. Therefore, activities taken today that contribute to success will not result in funds for more than one year. Alliance recognizes this can be problematic, particularly for small organizations who may not have the budget to fund the launch of a new program or activity. Alliance encourages organizations to think about innovative potential solutions, and is making available innovation funds to organizations who qualify.

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Alliance hosts weekly calls about the incentive program each Friday at 11:00 am. The recordings are posted below:

July 7, 2017 (audio recording)

July 14, 2017 (audio recording) | Slides

Background: Fast Start

The incentive program began as a short-term initiative known as Fast Start, geared toward achieving specific performance targets over a period of 3 months.

Learn more about Fast Start