Incentive Program

Designed to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the health of our community, the Incentive Program is Alliance’s long-term partner initiative focused on health outcomes. Through a team-based approach facilitated by Alliance, this program prepares partners for the future delivery system where reimbursement is tied to value, not volume.

The Incentive Program has two components:

Transformation Fund

Commitment to and participation in the Transformation Fund will ally partners with other health care and community based organizations working toward achieving agreed upon performance measures. Partners will be organized into Performance Teams and will meet regularly to assess progress toward outcomes and to share best practices. With analytics support from Alliance, teams will have the ability to analyze and adjust their efforts and ultimately achieve collective success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timeline of important dates

Transformation Fund application

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is meant to encourage partners to think creatively about how they can meet performance targets. This fund will support start-up initiatives by making available “seed money” for those that qualify. Because performance is calculated annually by the Department of Health through analysis of claims and other indicators, health improvement activities taken today will not result in funds from DSRIP to Alliance for more than one year. Alliance recognizes this can be problematic, particularly for small organizations who may not have the budget to fund the launch of a new program or activity. The Innovation Fund is designed to support new initiatives in the meantime.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated monthly. Please apply here.

Helpful links:

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation Fund Evaluation Criteria

Partner Resources

DOH DSRIP Performance Measures

Incentive Program Flyer

Medicaid Patient List Submission Template

Patient List Sharing Guidance Under Alliance’s Incentive Program, Medicaid Patient Lists have been requested from partners to enable the generation of analytics targeted at impacting and informing the progress of the program. For all Incentive Program participants, this act of sharing the list between the partner and Alliance is permissible under DSRIP and HIPAA guidelines and does not violate patient consent. (See attached guidance for additional information.)

Transformation Fund Calculations and Payments Description